Active principle

Unlike a compression refrigerator, the Eco ice AKM is not powered by electricity. Instead, heat is supplied (for example resulting from cooling a CHP) via a stream of water just below the boiling point of the AKM.

Heat is derived for the object or room to be cooled via a brine circuit. All of the heat supplied to the absorption refrigerator is discharged through the heat exchangers to the environment. Fluctuations in the cooling demand, as well as on the heating side, can be compensated by storage of various kinds.

Specifications of the AKM 25

  • AKM measurements (length/width/height in mm) = 800/1,200/2,000
  • Heating water volume flow: 5.9 m³/h
  • Ammonia (NH3, R717) as a natural refrigerant and water as a solvent
  • No GWP (Global Warming Potential, GWP = 0)
  • No ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential, ODP = 0)
  • Specific coefficient of performance (COP):
    • for 25 kW cooling capacity with refrigerant temperatures below 0°C,
      depending on the heating and cooling water temperature, COP = 0.38 – 0.40
    • for 38 kW air cooling with refrigerant temperatures +6°C/+12 ° C,
      COP = 0.70 – 0.73.

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