Applications of regasification cold

Our systems can be used in various areas – the Eco ice system technology offers significant advantages everywhere LNG is available and cooling is required.

LNG is of interest especially in combination with a CHP. If cold is needed in addition to electricity and heat, particularly freezing cold, regasification cooling is a way to economically enhance the overall concept through combined heat-cold coupling.

The regasification cold by Eco ice facilitates typical freezing applications as well as providing temperatures for normal cooling or air conditioning. Examples of this are:

Process technology - freezing and chilling in technological processes

  • Food production, for example, bakery and butcher businesses
  • Installing the regasification cold is often interesting in addition to an existing refrigeration or blast freezing system. In addition to the redundancy often required in refrigeration, operating costs are drastically reduced.

Distribution warehouse

  • Food refrigeration in distribution centres in the retail trade, cooling and cold storage of blood and medications
  • Deep-freezing applications are economical since the operating costs of conventional compression refrigeration systems are particularly high. Applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning field are also possible.

Air conditioning applications in buildings

  • In hotels, offices, medical facilities, and data centres
  • Conventional air conditioning systems with the typical temperature range of 6/12°C often have performance problems in the early afternoons. Installing the regasification cold by Eco ice reduces the operating costs of an existing air conditioning system and can also be used for loading ice banks for providing extra power at peak load. This system concept also meets the frequently specified requirements for redundancy in server rooms and data centres.


  • Livestock, meat processing, plant production
  • All effective temperatures can be provided up to -38°C through the regasification cold by Eco ice. Nearly all refrigeration tasks are thus easily met in agricultural production using almost no electric power.

Decentralised independent electricity

  • In areas with poor infrastructure
  • Providing electric power with a CHP is often the only way to meet cooling requirements in poorly developed areas. The LNG frequently used as a drive offers the possibility of applying the regasification cold by Eco ice. A combination with an ice storage increases security of the chilled goods or the equipment to be cooled.