Combinable overall concepts from one source

We at Eco ice do not only see ourselves as a manufacturing company, but also as a planning and engineering company. We develop overall concepts for generating cold with more affordable driving heat for our absorption refrigerators in collaboration with CHP and turbine manufacturers, for example, as well as manufacturers of solar and biogas plants.

A wide range of accessories ensures efficient operation, compensates for fluctuations in demand, and uses cold and heat in other temperature ranges.

Energy production


CHP by the company Yados

Our cogeneration (CHP) for the AKM 25, a gas-powered spark-ignition engine, provides you with 50 kW electric and 81 kW thermal energy in the temperature range 93°C – 85°C. The fuel power to be supplied is only 145 kW. The sound pressure level is very low. The CHP is also available in smaller power rangers depending on the current required. However, the thermal power must meet the requirements of the refrigerator.

We also offer gas turbines and solar absorbers for refrigeration.

Extensive accessories*

We have numerous, specially adapted equipment ready for your specific needs.

  • Hybrid re-cooling systems
  • Pumps for secondary circuits
  • Ice storage systems
  • Latent cold storage (with Phase Change Material PCM), -6°C/-3°C, reversible phase change
  • Hot water tanks
  • Solar absorbers
  • Compression refrigerators (for lower temperatures/peak loads/redundant operation)
  • Frozen CO2cascade
  • CO2high temperature heat pumps

*Ask about the technical specifications for individual items.