Act ecologically with Eco ice!


Green light for nature

Both the AKM and the recovery of natural gas liquids in conjunction with an innovative memory technology are amongst the most environmentally friendly technologies in the field of refrigeration.

Primary energy savings

Approximately 90% of the cold is produced with electrically driven compression chillers. Refrigeration with our Eco ice systems is highly environmentally friendly because of the minimal use of exhaustible primary energy. As a driving energy for the AKM, waste heat or “waste cold” is used for the cold recovery from LNG.

Storage technology – the basis for the use of renewable energies

The cold and heat storage used in the Eco ice systems in the periphery of the chiller make it possible to use natural resources. They are highly stable, maintenance-free, and have a long service life..

Ecological refrigerant

The absorption refrigerator is operated with the natural refrigerant ammonia and the sorbent water. Ammonia is a thermodynamically and cryogenically highly effective refrigerant, which also has excellent environmental properties.
No synthetic refrigerants are contained in our facilities for the use of regasification that do not have a conventional refrigeration cycle.

The GWP (Global Warming Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of our refrigerant is zero. Our systems are therefore not affected by the ever more stringent regulations adopted for synthetic refrigerant pads.