Eco ice cold-recycling: the energy efficient solution for LNG port/harbour terminals


hafenThe Eco ice-patented technology for the recovery of LNG refrigerants now also includes an application for high performance, as is customary in port/harbour terminals.

The cold-recovery facility for ports by Eco ice can generate a refrigeration capacity of more than 1,000 kW for deep-freeze applications. A total solution tailored to the location can be composed of several 1,000 kW system modules. This allows industrial and commercial users (chemical industry, food industry, logistics/warehousing, etc.) to be supplied with high-quality, low-temperature freezes, which are recycled by LNG, of up to -50° C. The operating cost savings in electrical energy that would be necessary to produce this refrigeration with compression chilling machines are enormous. Furthermore, Eco ice’s cost-efficient technology offers an enormous CO2savings potential. If the coldness of the 245 million tonnes of LNG that are recycled every year would be regained during use, 4,500 MW of electrical energy and 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year would be saved.

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