Cooperation agreement in Chile


Dr. M. Liehm (Eco ice Kälte GmbH) and Alejandro Requesens (President CchRyC) during the signing

Cooperation agreement between the Chilean refrigeration organisation CchRyC and KKS/Eco ice Kälte GmbH in the field of further training as part of a GIZ project

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development uses the develoPPP programme to support companies in developing and emerging countries with innovative projects that are of long-term benefit to the local population and which contribute to improving their living conditions. GIZ helps with financing the projects and implementing them on site. In addition to assistance with marketing and sales, particular emphasis is placed on training local users, thereby ensuring that new markets are developed in a sustainable manner. This can best be structured as jointly organised training run by German and Chilean partners.

Kooperationsvereinbarung in ChileCooperation between KKS/Eco ice and Chilean partners has been pursued using the project “Sustainable industrial refrigeration engineering” , with the intention of offering training and development in the field of refrigeration technology. An initial agreement was concluded with USACH (University of Santiago de Chile) in August of this year, which has already been supported through the firm establishment of teaching content. The sales manager of Eco ice Kälte GmbH, Dr. Matthias Liehm, travelled to Santiago de Chile this autumn, to conclude an additional agreement with a second partner, the most important organisation for Chilean refrigeration and air-conditioning technology (CchRyC), on the 23rd of november. This organisation is not only active in Chile, but also across the entirety of South America, as well as in Spain and Portugal. The parties to the agreement once again introduced themselves to a broader group before the signing took place in CchRyC’s premises.

Kooperationsvereinbarung in ChileDr. Matthias Liehm, Eco ice Kälte GmbH:
„II was pleasantly surprised by the attention that CchRyC paid to the process of signing of this agreement. The entire board of directors was there, alongside the President, Alejandro Requesens. I would particularly like to thank Veronika Vukasowic (GIZ, 3rd from left) and Mr Peter Yufer (Rojo y Azul, left) who have played a particularly active role in ensuring that this agreement came into being.”

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