Start of funding


3D visualization of an LNG recycling plant (four heat exchangers per 1,000 kW cooling capacity)

We are delighted to learn today that Eco ice Kälte GmbH has received the best results in the application process in the category “Energy and CO2 savings” of the SME instrument of the EU funding program “HORIZON 2020”
and thus successfully stood its ground. Phase 1 of our project “LNGCOLD” will start soon.

For the “LNGCOLD” project, Eco ice Kälte GmbH is developing technologies that can generate a cost-effective and environmentally friendly refrigeration supply in industry, in shipbuilding, in food processing and distribution as well as in LNG-powered trucks.
Electrical refrigeration and air-conditioning consume almost 25% of the electrical energy in Europe, generating enormous savings and attractive business opportunities. One very promising approach results from the globally rising use of LNG as energy source, since a huge cold capacity at -162°C is stored in LNG, which is hitherto completely wasted during the regasification by heat exchange with ambient air or sea water at port terminals and LNG end user’s sites, respectively.
We have developed and patented an innovative technology in various output classes to recover this valuable cold capacity without additional electrical power or gas consumption, and provide it very cost-efficiently to the market, thereby helping to achieve the climate goals. Our technology has the potential to save 5,000 MW any self-consumption of natural gas, for example to replace fossil fuels for several large power stations. The cold market is increasingly looking for such cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives as our customer feedback confirms.

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